Wednesday, July 9, 2014

By the Corn Crib Gazebo

 Packed to go camping on the 4th. Nate took sofa cushions along. 

 Ryan slept on a cushy air mattress in the corn crib. Surrounded by tiki torches? It was very King Julian.

 Camping in your friends back yard is the way to go! 

 Back home again, Olive is pounding some teething cookies. 

 Blindfolded food tasting guessing game.

Some of them might have cried over a pizza flavored combo. Well two of them spit them out and one cried. 
Library summer reading program activities. The bookkeeping work that this program is taking is wearing me out. 

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  1. fun memories. . . . my boys were guessing who cried about the combo. . . . :)