Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Girl with a Can on Her Hand

 Olive had a little mishap last week. I was so stressed out about it that I put her to bed dressed like this.

 We are stocked up on band aids at the moment. Nate went to buy some, I went the next day. Determined to find the very stickiest of band aids. And still, she chewed them off.

 Chances are, you will never have an infant with a bandaged finger. I hope you don't. 
A sibling gave her something sharp to play with. We are thankful it was not worse. No stitches. She insisted on sticking the bandaged finger in her mouth. This had me looking around for a way to protect it better. Aha! I have a box of  toilet paper rolls that I was saving for crafts. So I taped one to her wrist with medical tape. Next problem, she only sucks her left thumb.

 She tried out her right thumb a few times. No go.

Before going away one night I had Mia find some stickers for her "can" as we came to call it.

 Such a trooper. She was really quite pleasant about the whole thing. Not sure if she will find her thumb again or not.
The bandage is off now, it is healing nicely... we pray for protection and safety. It's a scary world out there.


  1. Ohh no, how did she hurt her finger? I had one child that should of been born in bubble wrap.... I'm glad she is doing better.

    1. Her brother gave her a slicer to play with. Horrors. So thankful it was not worse. I was combing Ellie's hair in the bathroom.

  2. I guess I was too tired when I read this last night. I was thinking it said "can on her head". Just wasn't coming to part about her head. Figured out what it really said. Laughed because I had been thinking about Pippi Longstocking the whole time and wondering which child stuck a big can on her head and had to have it removed.

  3. I might have giggled a bit when I read about her can, poor baby. Glad it wasn't worse.