Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Life: A Bowl of Cherries

Things Stuart loves to do:
feed the cat, wash windows, play with water at the sink.

 Some Ellie art

Wings and games after church one night.

 A trip to the greenhouse. One of everything please. (I have no idea what I'm doing at a greenhouse)
The garage becomes the potting shed. Quaint in theory.

 Every time I change the photo in a picture frame, I wonder... do other people keep a collection of photos behind the one that is displayed? Once framed, my pictures live there for life.

After hearing that the lawnmower is leaving out puffs of smoke my Dad asked Nate, "So, were you a born loser before you married into my family?" I have been laughing about that all week. (is it only Tuesday?)
If there is an egg shell in the dish my Dad will find it. If not he, I. Tris, Ted... what's your born loser status?

(this photo comes to mind) Ted making a smoothie.

 Girls all ready to walk out the door for their school program.

Stuart too, ready to go hours before we actually went.


  1. Cute Girllies, pretty plants, & interesting others. Lol. Life is crazy beautiful. Someone help the man making a smoothie! Lol

  2. Your last pic of the girls threw me for a loop. I was trying to figure out where the picture divided because I assumed it was the same girl in two pictures! They sure to resemble each other with the glasses, matching outfits and hairstyle!! :) Renee S.