Monday, August 19, 2013

Stuart Goes to the Hop!

This boy is super sensitive and stubborn.
I'm hoping some of it is just the age.
I got him cleaned up one night this weekend and he went outside to his Dad who asked him, "Are you ready to go to the hop?" They came into the house talking about "the hop" and Nate played the song for him about going to the hop on YouTube. He was getting sucked in. Stuart was. So we are all in the van heading to a Mexican joint for supper which would be followed by the grocery store and Stuart was still under the impression that we are going to the hop. When I said we are going to a restaurant he wailed, "But I wanted to go to the hoooooooooooooop!!!"
Close my eyes and count to 3.
Yes, yes, Stuart, the restaurant is the hop! And then under my breath, "Well for tonight anyhow."

As we walked in he said, "Lots of people are here at the hop!"

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