Friday, August 30, 2013

Keep Clear of the Skyjack

The other day Nate came home and I called him "Spikey" his hair was standing on end. He looked sheepish and admitted that he got shocked at work. Not sure if that was really why his hair was on end or not, but it was funny.

 Stuart at Mark's Exxon. It's just Stuey and I these days while the girls are at school.

 Burp Cloths, I went a little crazy. I think I sewed 20.

 After bribes with jelly beans Stu is finally learning to put his own pants back on after a bathroom break. 

 Visiting at a nursing home. Ellie was nervous. Stuart has his tractor.

 Aunt Sheri and baby Monique 

 My electrician the carpenter these days.

 Grandpa Amos turns 85. Have you tried buying birthday cards for "older men" it is not easy. 

 He was worried that someone would pull his ears, so....

Some in laws talking about the weather. I have no idea what they were talking about. Maybe hunting.

7 Church Street in Bloomfield, N. J. - 
The Svenson (Hollister) Family lived here from 1948-1973.

Mia has been reading tons of Happy Hollister books lately. The last bunch that I got for her smell very musty and I asked her how she can read them. She said she breaths through her mouth.


  1. that is alot of hollister books.
    I remember that stage...and then it was the sweet valley twins....

  2. Fun post!
    Just curious, is that one picture of your grandma and grandpa, the same grandma that makes us related? She looks like my grandma - just younger! :)

    1. Jolyn, I'm actually not related to her as she is my step Grandma. I do think you can claim some relation to my Grandpa pictured here though.

  3. If you got those Happy Hollister books from the Myerstown Library, they are the same ones that Aunt Carla read. When I picked one up recently I was surprised at how boring and poorly written it was. They were thrillers for me as a girl. It makes me happy to know Mia is reading them.

    That boy pulling Grandpa's ears looks a lot like Grandpa. Stuart's pant style is replicated around here. I am often finding slightly wet undies ditched behind the toilet. I guess the wearer thinks he is hiding them.

    You are amazing with the burp clothes. You should show a few in full. Oh, Baby Dear, you are coming soon!!!- Carla