Friday, September 6, 2013

Stuart and His Mother Go Shopping

He can be quite charming while shopping. Not completely charming, there are moments of frustration for him and I. Today while winding all over the place at Kohl's he kept asking me how we would find our way out of the store. So funny to me. In the "Family" restroom... he was totally geeked out by the tiny toilet. For the first time in days I did not have to tell him to go, he told me.

Trying on clothes in the dressing room at Children's Place, he would not stand still, "It tickles" he kept yelling and jumping around. I would try to yank his pants up but meanwhile he was turning halfway around trying to see himself in the mirror.
He begs to get lunch at McDonald's. After he realized that ain't happening he remembered the "Chika" place. Chick -Fil -A. It was almost heartbreaking to not take him there but we did do that last time,  I informed him that I got to pick this time and it would be Panera Bread. We parked and were not even out of the van yet when he decided we should eat outside. He might be a romantic! How sweet.
These days are pretty fun for him and I.
He plays with a new Testament Bible and sings Sunday school songs, including "Long Black Train" and "Let's Go Down to the River to Pray" this morning he told me that he could not think of any other songs and was asking for suggestions.
He talks to me almost the entire time we are driving.
He is almost 4. These are things I want to remember. 

 On Labor Day we finally got our trip to Lancaster in. Wanted to see September Farms new shop. So lovely! We love their cheese. 


  1. Go Stuart! You need to teach your cousins how to shop! -dorcas

  2. adorable. I forgot until I saw your last photo - my son used to line up all his cars like that, everywhere around the house. too cute.