Sunday, August 21, 2016

Ellie is Nine

Happy birthday Ellie. You who's birthday comes in the busiest month of the year. At least I usually find August to be that way.  


  1. Ellie I completely forgot your birthday! What a great cake! I assume she may have helped with it. An August birthday is right up there with a December birthday as far as busy season!

  2. aw, sweet cake! August is nuts around here too. WHY.

  3. Love the cake😀 And happy belated birthday to your beautiful daughter!
    I guess I won't be coming back to mops this year anymore... My schedule with 2 girls has been very busy. Olivia starts preschool mid November so if this ho smoothly and I feel like I have more time I might jump in after the holidays. It was so nice learning to know you. Blessings on your mommying !