Thursday, September 29, 2016

Too Much of Everything

Hank had a terrible something on his toe which required a bandage and I had to either wear tights on him or shoes to keep him from picking the gauze off. He didn't mind it.
Still don't know what happened to him but it did require antibiotic so an infection of some sort. ew. 

I got attacked by a Doberman Pinscher while on a bike ride. I was pulling Henry in the cart and was going to bike for 30 min and then meet the rest of the family at the park. On my favorite street just over the bridge just past the mill this huge dog came after me, his owner was chasing him and yelling and I was screaming and the man on the lawnmower stopped and yelled too. Details are sketchy but I ran into it with my front tire and hopped back on as fast as possible and biked off also as fast as possible, all the while the poor dog owners kept apologizing. I pretty much ignored them. Then I texted Nate:

I could still hardly talk by the time I made it to the park. That night before bed I looked up Doberman's and it says, "The muzzle is long, and so affords the leverage for an extremely strong bite" good one Jo. 

Next morning I get up early to go swim laps and I'm thinking this is going to be relaxing and de-stressing after the night before (I had dreamed about bears chasing me) but then the pool room was 115 degrees. So that was kind of stressful to figure out what to do how to cool the room down and not drown from heat exhaustion etc. Ha. I've been there since and it almost felt cold at 80 degrees. 

Saturday we were fortunate enough to go out to eat with friends. Every time we do this someone says we need to do it more often but then it still goes a year. We had a great time but you should watch the video of Nate and our dinner rolls. You probably all ready did. 

The girls started violin lessons this week. Oh man, it's only been one day of practice but I'm looking forward to sending them to the shed to practice. 


  1. Too many laughs! :) My girls talk about violin lessons and I let them keep doing that, just talk.

  2. Died laughing at your explanation of the dog chasing you 😂 I've had dogs chase me already & I'm sure I looked & acted even worse.