Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's Me Again Margaret

Someone in a yellow shirt pushed someone else after church last night.  Ouch.

"Your Dad is bringing home a surprise today" I told them, "What do you think it is?" Mia thought perhaps donuts?

my favorite neice

She did not like my camera.

Mia opening her gift from Aunt Carla

I've all ready got Lizzy working in my flower beds.  Actually this flower bed is going to go.

What would you serve with these?
First thing that comes to your mind.


  1. My kids were happy to see pics Mia and Elly. Alanna got the exact same headbands as Mia last week. I think I would add cole slaw to the sandwiches, but maybe I am just thinking that cuz I have cabbage to use up in my fridge! ;) Tina H.

  2. Those look soo good!! I would serve chips, or pasta salad with them!!

  3. Chips or fries!But they are my weakness!Looks yummy,recipe?

  4. Making them for a meal at the cabin. Decided on french fries. The word "these" is a link to the recipe. I've got it cooking right now and I must say, smells good.

  5. What a fun suprise! :) Yvonne

  6. Thanks.Sounds delicious!Looking forward to trying it soon.

  7. Made the Shredded Beef Sliders last night.They were yummy!We especially liked the coleslaw.I wasn't sure about the apple but it was really good.