Thursday, March 3, 2011

Product Review Included

 Up and down he goes. Our Stueybops.

I made a mistake a few months ago and ordered 3 Blurb Vouchers.  The mistake was I did not read the fine print.  I could only use one at a time.  So while I thought My 2010 book was all paid for, I actually was about to get two more books ready to print.  And fast! So this forced me to put all those pictures from 3 years in Grenada in a book.  It's not fancy and I should go through it and jot stuff down.  But it feels so good to have them printed. 

Yay for the self timer! Mia needed a photo of her family reading a book together for school.

Do you remember my butter bell?  Given as a gift from my cousin's wife Vicky.  Love her. Anyhow... we LOVE our butter bell.  Nate gets so upset when I forget to restock it.  Soft butter.  Always fresh.  What did we do without it?  (used margarine)

Next  up.  Swiffer

Nate's Mom, I need to do a whole post on the fun things she does for us.  She gave us a Swiffer wet mop for Christmas two years ago.  Along with tons of refills.  So I was enjoying it until one day I was researching laminate flooring and came across an article that mentioned Swiffers and how they just smear a floor instead of clean it.  After that fateful information I felt exactly the same way about it.  But then! I cut a hole in the top of my refill thing and started filling it with water and white vinegar.  I'm a fan. And I know that if you really want to get frugal, you can make your own reusable pads for the bottom.  So, you still can't beat getting down on your hands and knees once in a while. But this gets me through many days.

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  1. Could you please ride your Swiffer over here? My kitchen floor needs ya. (=