Monday, February 28, 2011

Confession - I'm a Cupcake Batter Control Freak

We had the flu and we were feeling so so blue! Nate came down with it first and he told me that if I get it, there is no way I'll survive and he will call his Mother to watch the children.  Guess what.  We all got it.  Children and all.  And there was no way we wanted to pass this along to anyone else.  So I pitied the children so bad because of the neglect they were certainly feeling and on the very first day that I felt better I went for groceries.  For some reason in the baking aisle the Pillsbury Funfetti box was calling my name. It was saying, For a buck, could you do something fun with your precious children? So it was more likely the Lord calling my name. But anyhow... I threw it in the cart with good intentions.   It wasn't too bad letting them mix them up.  And they loved putting the paper liners in the tray. But do you let them fill the liners with batter?  Oh here is where I was once again faced with my control freak in the kitchen disorder. I have a phobia of batter on the tray when it comes to cupcake pans.  I'm serious. It took all that I had to let them fill those trays. 

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  1. Good for you! I have that phobia too. Guess that's how they learn how to do it. . . :) Cute picts! -y