Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Afternoon in the Sunshine

You know, really... this was Stuarts first time walking in the great outdoors like this. 

She's been pretty attached to her valentines balloon. Of course as children do, she left it go.  Cried bitter tears. 


  1. AJ pulled all the strings off of our balloons. Then the one some how got sucked up against the coal the stove and melted. The other one is floated around at the ceiling, waiting to deflate..cute pictures...

  2. I must have told her 10x to not let it go. I did have it tied to her arm as well. When she came in crying I heard her saying, "Mom, you didn't listen to me" When I asked her about this she said, "you didn't hang on to it" Does this sound like middle child syndrome or what? Funny how they just want to pull the strings off. did you see this one was reattached? Mia cut them off. This made Ellie cry. We all have the flu. Mia is over it. But the rest of us are suffering. Ah! Hope you don't get it.