Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Snowstorm Jonas

 What a lovely snowstorm.

 Olive did not really enjoy it on Saturday while it was still snowing. 
Sunday was better. Hard to keep her inside. 

 Lord, may this be the year of the donuts? I prayed. 
 Getting closer to the hard to attain quality of my Mother in Law's donuts. 
Her recipe does not include the exact amount of flour. Tricky.

I had a furnace guy at my house today and he was here for a very long time. I told him I was going to have to leave in a bit and he said, "Let me know before you go." I ended up leaving 3 times in a stretch of that many hours and he knew every time that I was heading out again.
The snowstorm might have me spoiled, give me a day of peace at home sometimes soon. 


  1. Beautiful and fun for the kids. I remember growing up in Minnesota and idaho. Now in texas my KIDS WISH they had snow! Lol. Your donuts look perfect!;) Christina

  2. Wow! Such beautiful snow! And the doughnuts look delicious! I saw many doughnut pictures on FB this past week. I'm guessing it's a snow day tradition? Being from the south, I didn't know it was a thing. I lived in NW Ontario where we had lots of snow but were never snowed in. Nobody ever made doughnuts there in the winter that I can remember!!! :)