Friday, September 19, 2014

Youth and Stuff

 A new 24x36 engineer print from staples. 

It was between these two. The guy at Staples did not let me down. All excited about it. Ha. 
They get a kick out of a print like this vs the normal blueprint that comes out of the printer. $3.80 and if you put it behind some glass it really pops. 

 I need more fresh flowers. I have been kicking myself all summer for never planting my zinnia seeds. 

 At the cabin with the youth group. 

 Jeremy and Nate, just around the corner. 

 I love to make the guys cook. 
They will drain it better next time! 


  1. That engineer print is fabulous! I've seen them before; now I need to go get one made for my mantle!

  2. Beautiful ! Great memories! Christina