Sunday, June 8, 2014

New Paintings

 My sister in law Dorcas sent me a link to this owl project. I showed it to Mia and she was totally into it. It might have helped that I had been painting the day before...

 To order a canvas this large online, they charge $120 for the shipping. Per package of 3. 
I headed to the art store with my 40% off coupon. Much cheaper.
I was pretty much out of my oil paints and had to stock up on those, ouch.
What this did however was put a real fire under my behind to get some paint on the canvas. Can't be wasteful now.

 Part way through, I flipped it upside down so that I could hit the top of it better.

Baby Cakes who is such a good baby. Teething and all.


  1. It is beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL! I've only ever used pastels and watercolor paints, now I really want to try oil paints! The colors are dreamy...

  2. That is so pretty!! I'll take one just like it. :)

  3. Can hardly stop looking at that painting. and mia's owl painting, so cute!

  4. The painting is lovely! Makes me want to paint again, it's been years.... :)

  5. Absolutely lovely! Poor baby!:) Christina

  6. your painting is beautiful!

  7. Beautiful! I wish I was that creative :)