Monday, June 16, 2014

Pittsburgh Children's Museum

 Road trip last weekend to see Nate's sister and family who live in Meadville, Pa.
We split the 5 hour trip with a stop in Pittsburgh. Children's Museum.

 Why did I never think of a separate brush for each color? Neat.

 Screen printing. Now I want to build one of these. Would be such a fun art project for school kids.

 Maze. The children could not really see where they were headed, parents were standing at the side giving directions. 

 The garage. I though Stuart would explode with happiness in here. Wheels, gears, pulleys, etc.

 3rd floor is called "Waterworks" Oh boy this was a water lovers dream. 


  1. That looks like a really great children's museum! I Love Stuart's outfit!

  2. When my kids were small, they sure enjoyed the Children's museum.
    Good memories made;) Christina

  3. wow, what a wonderful museum! What a great way to break up a trip.