Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Days of Summer Vacation with Poppies

 The first grader


 Lots of campfires.

 This Toots actually cried last night. Teeth.

 We've been at the food thing for a while now and she still hates it.

Frisbee in the drink

 Mom had an order for a painting of a little girl praying by a pond. Thus this photo shoot. Ivy Jane.

1. Grenadian style food. Strewed Chicken with rice and peas and some cabbage salad. Ellie did not   like it and because she was born in Grenada we teased her mercilessly about it.

2. New flannels for baby burp diapers. Mia has been pinning them and sewing them together. Then we give them to people with new babies. I'm still drawing exactly where she should sew with a marker. Hope to get some sewing and cooking skills instilled in her this summer. Loving summer vacation!

3. We're trying to talk Nate's Dad into putting these wheels on his van. He just got a van that looks a lot like this.

4. We were on a date and I ordered fish, Nate a whole rack of ribs. Hard to tell here but my plate was a lot smaller than his. The waiter was standing at our table with the two entrees and uncertain of who got what. Nate said, "Don't get them mixed up" Struck me so funny.


  1. Your posts always leave a big smile on my face! Really. It gets bigger as I scroll down the page :) I love the knee socks with the converse and I adore the picture of you and your little miss!

  2. LOVE all your pictures, Lydia, and your header, too. Thankful to admire your gift this morning. Blessings to you~

  3. I want poppies! The Frisbee in the drink is why I hate playing at that park. Good for you, teaching Mia how to sew and cook.

  4. love that tip for teaching kids to sew - we're going to work on sewing this summer. And she would totally LOVE to make the burpcloths! That's my standard baby gift.