Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Smile & Rug Burn

A Smile & Rug Burn, originally uploaded by LydiaJo.

Last nights blogging got cut a little short due to the Phillies game. We ended up going to bed early anyhow and I had Nate asking me at 2AM this morning "Did the Phillies lose?" He can ask me these things because I don't sleep the whole night through and catch up on stuff like that at 2AM.
Ellie took a terrible fall down the steps last week. Thus the rug burn under her nose. Ouch.
Last night we went swimming! Indoor pool that our neighbors put in. Very fun family outing for these cold days. Well, until you go to leave and it's cold outside. That is rather strange. We told them we would be out by 8:30... imagine our surprise when we left and realized it was only 7:30... The clock in the pool room is still set wrong. Something like that can make you feel so out of touch with reality.

Fall On Our Front Porch

Notice the paint on their legs. They were happy to get into Grandma's paint again yesterday!


  1. i love the first picture. is her hair turning redish? about the metering thing. with a light meter? i use one with mussers so i bought one and i cannot figure it out! help. i would call daryl but its kind of embarrasing :)

  2. and that was diane talking. not sure how to comment appropriately here. im feeling a bit clumsy .. what is my profile?