Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I've Been Using The Same Christmas Wrapping Paper For Years...and this is why

One year when I was teaching school, I bought the guys soccer balls for Christmas.  I am thinking it was like 8 of them or maybe 12.  I knew that wrapping them was going to be a nightmare.  I was at Bon Ton buying other things like a purse or gloves or something fun that you can buy for yourself when you are single.  Shopping was different in those days.  By the register there was a display of Christmas wrapping paper.  I thought it was a good deal.  Something like 3.99 for a pack of 3.  Or so I thought.  They were in packages of three.  And in each package I really liked 2 out of the 3 papers.  After all these years I am still thinking about blushing as I tell this tale.  I'm going to say I bought like 6 or 7 or I don't know maybe 8 packs of 3.  I seriously thought the soccer balls would use up all of this wrapping paper.  I wonder what I got the girls that year.  Thing is they charged me $3.99 per roll and I was too inferior to say, "Hold it! I do not want this wrapping paper" like I would now.  You do the math, this was a lot of cash for a school teacher, probably more than I spent on the presents.  I still suffer every year when Nate informs me, "We do NOT need Christmas wrapping paper" He has seen the stash in the attic.  And I suffer as I wrap my children's presents in those ugly rolls of wrapping paper that are left.  Even the ones that were pretty, would no longer be pretty to me.  One of these years we can get some pretty paper.  I can't wait!


  1. Your story made me smile!! :) I really shouldn't have bought new paper this year either since I have like 10 rolls already!
    Maybe someone would buy them at a yard sale!??

  2. I'm groaning. Those were the days. Even if back we could spend time guiltlessly shopping for ourselves, today we at least have the guts to say "No way, I don't want that!"

  3. ha ... mom has her boxes ... you have your wrapping paper