Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Makin That B-day Cake

Did your Mom have this cake book when you were a kid?  Mine did.  I remember looking through it all year long dreaming of my birthday cake.    I was way too sentimental about it.  I remember my cakes all too well.  There was the year that my cousin dumped it upside down at the cabin.  I think I cried.  I know I was mad.  Good thing is I don't remember which cousin it was.  That was the year I got a watch and I so knew it was a watch, becasue I had felt the package. 
A different year my lovely red velvet cake was on the kitchen counter while we were baling hay and when we got back to the house for lunch or supper there were ants all over that cake.  We didn't eat it.  I thought of that day so many times in Grenada.  We had ants on cakes in Grenada... um, smeared the frosting around and  just added sprinkles or some other trick. No one knew.

I am pretty sure I begged for this one every year.  Mom finally made it, full of toothpicks to hold it together...  I think it still fell apart. 

Anyone remember the popple?


  1. Oh, the cake and the girls are so cute! Geryll's mom made a house cake for Kylie this year. The thing toppled over just before we sang "Happy Birthday". Guess Nate may have told you about the bunny cake with the falling off head my mom liked to make.