Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Still Catching Up

We just can't catch up right now.  Nate said that once we move we will just enjoy life and quit fixing stuff up for a time.  I hope that is soon!  We moved but the little details are so consuming.  You know, hooking up stuff like dishwasher, water softener, washer, dryer, water purification system that we are addicted too, phone lines, internet, etc.  Then the unexpected things happen. Like when unhooking the washer at the old house the faucet came along w/ the hose or something bad. More work for over there.  So we are here now but the furniture is kind of still where it was set that night and the garage?  Oh the garage, it is just full of stuff that I'd rather not have to deal with. 
Nate was perplexed the other night with the smell in the garage.  He thought the lawn mower smelled like grass and was ready to build a shed for it.  Later I smelled it too and realized it was the old garlic that I tossed in the garbage can in the garage. 
We got Ellie a kitten for her birthday.  It is a little bit on the wild side and not as much of a kitten as maybe it should have been.  Her face when she peeked in the gift bag holding the kitten was so sweet.  We brought it home and it promptly moved into a groundhog hole in a window well.  And it cried a lot. And there was no catching it.  A few days later It was peeking in the window at Nate and I.  I managed to get it and we held it for a while trying to tame it.  We woke the girls up to let them hold it and I asked Ellie what we should name it.  I had to hush Mia at the very same time as she would just love that privilege. Ellie looked at me and said, "Kathy" my eyes got big.  I've got a good friend named Kathy and oh dear... is it ok to name a cat after a friend?  Someone named their goat Lydia one time and I was not too keen on this so it just seemed kind of bad.  Kathy the cat.  I've been thinking since that maybe we could call her Kat for short.  "What's your kitty's name?"
"Kat" "Doesn't your kitty have a name?" "Yes, it's name is Kat"  could be confusing.

New Neighbor gift from my cousin's wife Vicky.  Check it out... matches perfectly! 
Love it.
She just didn't wake up all that happy on her birthday.
She was feeling much better as the day went on.  I was running to the store to pick up her cake and wanted to ask her what she wanted for supper but she was still sleeping.  Nate was like, "noodles, just make her anything with noodles" yeah... she loves pasta.  Got to Dutch Way for the cake but the cake was not there.  They accidentally sent it to Schafferstown Dutch Way.  So it was 4:30 the evening of her birthday and they were asking me if I wanted to go get her cake at Schafferstown or have it brought to Myerstown, it would take half an hour.  I do tend to have born loser moments and this was one of them.  The baker lady kindly gave me a third option and said, "You know what, I can just make you another one while you shop" that lady was fast.  She brought it to me a mere 5 minutes later.  And Ellie got her Sesame street cake that she was expecting.  Nice! It was too nice, I'm afraid Mia will be begging for a store bought one next year.
So thankful for the help.
Happy to be Behind The Fence again.

The other day I told Mia that her cousin A.J. was at the beach. Her eyes widened and she asked, "A.J. went to Grenada?" No Mia there are beaches here.  "There are? I want to go"  was so funny.
The reason we went.  Happily married.                 


  1. I love love love your kitchen!

  2. ah this was a good catch up post. you know i had a dream about you and nate. you had absolutely no money. it was sad. i just remembered it when i saw you had posted. hopefully its never as true as the dream because you really had. no. money.

  3. We have a cat whose name is Jiminy but is called Cat.We inherited it from our youngest daughter who begged her Dad for a cat(while her Mom said no,no more pets.Well that was 9 years ago and the daughter has been married for 3 and we still have the disgruntled cat(for lack of a better word).
    BTW,love the kitchen!

  4. Your kitchen is positively adorable!! :) It took me months to get the garage cleaned out when we moved..literally! It's so hard to decide where to put everything and what to do with all those random items that do not seem to fit anywhere! Good luck! Tina H

  5. The house looks beautiful, and I love the kitchen. Never would have thought it is grandma's house. I loved her dearly, and it fit her, but is sure needed an update. Ever think of taking up interior decorating?