Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Bus That Came On Time

Well it happened.  I nearly missed Mia's bus.  The drivers are not supposed to let the kids off if they don't see the parents.  So I was always in a bit of a panic to make sure I am there when the bus comes.  More than once when I thought I might be late I've explained to Ellie on the way out the drive way that if I see the bus she will need to watch Stuart and Mommy will run.  So today was the day that it came to pass that Ellie was left crying her eyes out with a certain Stuart in his stroller, not buckled in.  I have not run that fast maybe ever. I was not the only Mom running, it's just that I have the farthest to go.  That and the driver can's see me until I'm there.  Whew.  Still catching my breath. Never can tell when the bus will actually be on time like that.


  1. I can just see Ellie w/ tears rolling down her cheeks. Poor thing.
    I thought Mia gets dropped off at home?

  2. I have to be at the corner of main and willow. So as I walk out the lane to get there the bus can't see that i'm on the way but I can see if it goes past. Being tucked in the middle like we are.

  3. I wish I could have seen. (=