Monday, August 8, 2011

Ellie's Birthday Party at the Cabin

I've been finding it pretty tough to properly celebrate Lizzy's birthday over the years. August is always such a busy time. I think we moved the day before her birthday last year. Anyhow... we took her birthday party along to the cabin this past weekend and celebrated a week early. I don't think she minded.
Some ideas I was saving.
Did not all happen.  I was finishing up the pinata the day we left for the cabin.  The owl never got wings or feet. The cake never got polka dots.  I don't think she minded. I said that before.
Putting beads on the bubble wands.

It was a rainy afternoon.  So we made our bubble wands and blew bubbles on the porch.

Hoping it holds up for a few swings.  The homemade ones are always stronger than you think they will be.

If you hate to watch children grabbing for candy... divvy it out before you put it in the pinata.
Now that we gave all of your children bags of candy, we will hype them up with cake and red dye number 9. 

Making the cake.

How old will Ellie be?


  1. nice, Jo! I love the bubble wand thingees and the owl looks realistic even without wings and feet! :) Tina H.

  2. Jo, love the cake! So jealous! Want to make that cake. Did you get the idea from Sweet Paul? Excellent job! Marlisa

  3. Hey Marlisa! I saw it on some blog called "I am Mommy?" a long time ago. It was fun. You should make it for Leah.

  4. wow your cake is sooo cute ! What kid wouldn't love that?! And the piniata is very cute too!