Friday, November 11, 2011

Eat Soup

This soup is making everyone happy over here.

Mia has been learning to read time at school.  I believe they have talked about how much sleep they should be getting.  She's been informing us that a certain friend of hers who we will call "B" gets to bed at 7PM.  So that means he gets 12 hours of sleep.  And she thinks that would be awesome so she tried it last night.  I am just laughing thinking about this.  She tucked herself in and slept shortly after 7PM.  Crazy girl.  She does seem extra happy today.  Might have to start a new trend. 


  1. Is this the soup you made in Grenada before w/ tortilla chips and cheese added at serving time? I remember that soup and have a recipe that reminds me of it, but every time I make it, I'm disappointed because it's just not like yours! :( ~Meesh :)

  2. Once again... Mia is so cute!

  3. Like, like, the new header!

  4. Mmmm...I made this soup tonight, but it looked NOTHING like your pic or like Jenny's!! But it sure was good and it made all our stuffy heads open up! ;)

  5. Just made the soup. Ohhh, it is so good. The tortilla strips take it over the top.- Carla