Friday, January 6, 2012

January Stuff

It's not like eating all of those cookies in December made me not want anymore in January.
Ellie came to me the other night at 2AM, she stuck her toe in my face and said, "I have a nail"
She did and it needed to be trimmed.
I am happy to be swimming laps again in January.  Very fun to get the work out in early before my day really gets going.  I get more done on a day like that.
Like today, I swam, and then I sewed two dresses.  Although, the wreckage that occurred is not going to be that fun to clean up.  Children get put on auto when Mom is sewing. Stuart Boppers managed to spill coffee everywhere, play in the toilet, and dump salt all over the counter.  He was having a blast.

Favorite you tube clips. Trains.

This is not what they were doing while I was sewing. Well, Ellie was.

I hate to say what my favorite Christmas gift was, because I loved them all.... ummm an iphone was an early gift.  Addicted. Sorry, until I get over it you will get many many photos from the phone. It is too easy. Way too easy.

 Happily steaming all my garments
I love this little steamer.  It is just so much easier to steam a shirt than to iron one.  And for hems on skirts and dresses that won't stay down. Yeah I like it for that too. Nate now has so many options when it comes to good shirts to wear.  Pants as well. They are all lined up in his closet. Without wrinkles.  Feel free to check back with me in a year. Laundry is not my strong point.

My room smells like new tires
If you park a vehicle in the garage and it has new tires on it... you can smell them for a while.
Same with these boots? They smell like new tires. No excuses when it comes to the muddy garden now. These boots really make me want to go take pictures in the rain. In the city.
I used to tell my school students that they should be able to run very fast with their new wheels/tires when they came to school with new shoes on.  I wonder if that was annoying to them?
When Nate left for work this morning (I did not oversleep and forget to pack his lunch like the day before) I said, "I wish I could go with you" he just laughed at me. I suppose it was not that honest. I'd love to spend the day with him was what I meant.
Fun to turn old sweaters and shirts into new stuff.  
Nate's sister is dating.  Can't really see him on here I know, but now you know! The children picked on him relentlessly. Fun to have another guy around.

Proof that Nate likes to bring the cats into the house. 
Best time we had all week... was the night that the girls asked Nate to put new batteries in their flashlight.  It has a laser light on it as well.  Nate was like, "Look at this" and we all stood at the patio door and he tormented the cats with that light.  They chased it all over the place. We laughed so hard. It was ridiculous. You've got to try it. 


  1. So when can I drop off my ironing? Guess who. :)

  2. so about the steamer... could i just plug it in and set it inside of my closet? and everything would be wrinkle free? i love ironing. BUT it takes time... AND i'm lazy when it comes to getting dressed. blah blah blah. :) -diane

  3. What a good idea! I tend to put scorch marks on Nate's good pants rendering them unwearable with my iron. Might be why I love the steamer. I thought of this today while I was steaming.