Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day at Our House

 Nate keeping an eye on the steak.

To keep myself calm I reminded myself that restaurants are stressful on Valentines. Ever since I read the book Waiter Rant... I sort of see this in a new light. I pity the waiter/ waitresses.
But, going out would be way easier. And I'd be glad to try it next year. Mia would probably cry then.
I felt so bad for her when I told her that Nate and I were going out on the evening of Nate's birthday that we celebrated the night before just for the kids.
We did have fun.  Even though Stuart yelled, "Yuck" the entire time and tried to pass me his chewed on food. It was like he knew it was supposed to be classy so he rebelled. Two year olds.

 After supper we had Girls Club over. Made cookies. Crazy and fun.

Vanilla Sugar Cookies Recipe
(I add lemon or orange zest)


  1. Your Valentine's looked lovely and fun!
    BTW, I had this dream last night and it was me and some other ladies visiting your house. You were kinda shy and didn't show us much and so we walked around ourselves to check out your house... it had lots of added on rooms for not purpose but to decorate with your furniture - like dressers and plants... Whatever! Anyway, I can't get it out of my head this morning. :)
    On a 'real' note, your house looks lovely from the pics I see here! I'm sure if you were to have me over you wouldn't be so shy!
    Glad you and Nate could celebrate V-day alone!

  2. Nice pictures. . . Was sort of funny to me how excited the boys were about supper. . . It might have had something to do w/ the donuts I let them pick out at Giant. :) Jed would cry too if we'd decide to go out w/o him.

    Icing bags look fun.

  3. I like your Valentine's Day! My mom always made Valentine's Day a fun day for our family when I was young . . . so I'm trying to do the same with mine. Phil & I went out on Saturday night . . . and opted to stay home last night, which is completely fine with me. But, like you, when the children all took their turn at acting very UNclassy at our pretty little dinner table, there was a flicker of longing for a REAL candlelit dinner for two somewhere sophisticated and quiet. :) I had invited an elderly single friend over too, so I might have been a little more stressed out about my un-romantic kids 'cause of her being with us. Maybe. :) And you do girls club?? That's wonderful. I was involved or ran girls club at home for many years! Good times!!

  4. My mom does girls club. I just help out once in a while.