Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday Mia!

I am not sure what happened to the photos from her second birthday. I know we did not have a cake, we went to Petite Martinique on a boat that day.  Took her along. I was so scared that she would get sea sick. 

We celebrated mostly last night. Nate and I took her on a date. She was so excited. She wanted Applebees, hot wings, kids hamburgers, and an Oreo milkshake. 
After that she had some of her own money, a gift card that came from Toys R Us (if you sign your kids up they get them in the mail for their birthday. $3 so not huge) and some birthday money to spend. 
She was tempted to let all of her birthday money at home in her piggy bank. I told her she has to take it along, she does not have to spend it. I was bracing myself for a two hour stroll at Toys R Us.

She saw this doll and it was all over. She's not much of a dolly girl so it was rather a shocker. She named her Alecia. Spelling due to change. Even the name could change. Mia has been known to name cats and then change the cats name the next morning. 



  1. The missing tooth is perfect! I can see Aunt Sonya on that formal birthday picture. That dress is beautiful!- Carla

  2. she is so beautiful it`s not even right! the very last picture is the real heartbreaker, i think. :)