Friday, May 11, 2012

May Days

 I am so into rhubarb right now. (not my photo, saw it on pinterest)

You might want to make these Blueberry Rhubarb bars if you love rhubarb too. 

This post will inspire you to make your bed all nice. It is tough to stay off of it all day when it's looking so nice.

Read this post if you like to wonder about money and happiness and how it's tied together. It might not be full of answers but I found this very thought provoking.

 So happy that it's strawberry season.

 Nate is threatening to paint this tractor green. And I protest. Ha ha.
 I had a great aunt that collected, dried, and saved boxes upon boxes of 4 leaf clovers.

 Here are the guys that my Dad has working for him.

 Can someone please explain to me why my soft pretzels look spotty? Should I let them in the baking soda longer? Is the baking soda not absorbed into the water enough? I really don't know.

 The cutest little Sophia niece of mine.

On her way to the spring program at school.  She stood like a statue and sang with a smile.

The branches that this robin built it's next upon... they got trimmed. Mia and I took a break from mulching and had a photo shoot. If only the mulching was done. I will try to enjoy it until the very end. I ordered more mulch than last year but it seems it is still not enough.

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