Saturday, October 27, 2012

Why I Love October (this year)

No air conditioning and no heat. Love it. 

 Yesterday was a fun cousin kind of day. A few of us got together to can pumpkin and applesauce.
We don't see each other often so just to be together was fun.


Of course it is fun to have my children get to know their second cousins.

We were at Sharon's house. She has horses and a carriage so we took off in the carriage when it was lunch time. A leisurely ride through Lancaster County on a foggy fall day. It was fun. I didn't take my camera because Stuart was hanging on to me in that panicked way. He is still very scared of horses. He loved it in the end. But that did not mean he was ok when an amish buggy came in our drive way this morning. 

 I was so thankful that Nate was home. Hope my rose bush is happy. The sweetest Amish boy took 5 of our kittens. He started putting them in a box and they were popping out as fast as he put them in, he giggled and giggled. It was so cute. When his Mom called I told her that our kittens come from a long line of good mousers.


  1. Your pictures tell a wonderful story. I love you! - Carla

  2. the images are looking great. some good family shots these to.