Friday, June 21, 2013


I love to hang out with families who have taken the time to train their children. It's not easy and I fail at it miserably.
I know that just writing that is asking for it. I am bound to have a humbling experience today yet! Although after one day this week I'm not sure it could get much worse. Humbling that is.

I messed up pretty badly. I sent my daughter to a birthday party with a gift that was wrapped in "Happy Holidays" paper. She never saw what was inside until the birthday boy opened it and it was a birdhouse kit that was hers and she had been waiting for almost a year now for someone to help her put it together.
I thought it was Stuart's and he would have forgotten and never known. Not my 5 year old almost 6. Oh man... I cried, she cried. Some sucker was selling the kits on ebay for $19.99. But hey it was worth twenty bucks to me, I felt so bad. Ellie, she forgave me in a flash, bless her heart but every time I picture her at that birthday party watching the gifts get opened I get tears in my eyes.

Anyhow... back to the families who have taken the time to train their kids, my brother Tristan and his wife come to mind.

They are so quick to jump up and check on the children. Have you experienced this? It is so fun and relaxing to hang out with them thanks to the investment they put in.

They're going to hate me for this. Ha ha.

Just read a great blog post by Jasmine Star.

The 25 Rules to My Life

my favorite one is the first one:
It's more important to be kind than it is to be right.


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  1. oh, that birthday party thing makes me get teary, too! I so feel your pain! Thank you for sharing so freely :) - bless you.