Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

 Stuck in traffic. I81 what a drag.

 I kind of liked this a ton more than the Philly Zoo. So family friendly.

 Are there other 3 year olds out there that also stick out their tongues all the time? 
And yes, family from the Carribean is here, thus the trip.


 Pretty Monique!

 Ellie was jacked up on Tylenol all day. She did great but is burning up again now that we are home.

 Stuart has a bite on his ear. It's crazy red. On the way home Mia was asking if she could have a pet horse. Stuart piped up, "Mom, I want an elephant to ride!"

 We like lunch time. Mia says it was a feast. I told Nate that if you call finger jello, juice packs, and E.L.Fudge a feast, then it was! 

 Stuart is really into Alligators lately. His Grandma got him a stuffed one and he sleeps with it at night. So cute. So this was a highlight for him. He touched it but I missed it.

 Petting Zoo

Stopped at McDonald's for ice cream on the way home and I felt like I had just been on a school trip. With the added blessing of naps all around on the way home! Thanks to Mom Martin for the fun day. (I'm beat)

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