Thursday, December 5, 2013

All Things Baby

 The grilled cheese sandwiches are a packing lunches survival trick right now. I make a whole bunch with ham in them and freeze them. The girls like them.  Nate not so much. So, he gets trail mix.
I have nightmares about getting the lunches packed on time and getting the girls off to school. This morning we almost had a real life experience like unto my dreams but it all worked out.

 I read Bringing up Bebe a while ago. Got it at the library. I knew I wanted to read it again and I found that the Durckerman author made a Bebe Day by Day book. This book is like all the good info broken down into easy to read chapters. I'm liking it. Easy to refresh myself on all the tips. Although, the original book is a good read, and someday when I have more reading time I hope to read it again.
I used to think these were so weird. Now I am all about zipper pj's. So much nicer at 2am than  a whole bunch of snaps. This particular style has great access to that diaper you are wanting to change. After the zipper of course. 

Love this sleeper also from Carters. Zipper the whole way down. 
Terry cloth so soft, does not make me shiver like fleece can.

Glider Rocker. This seemed like a wicked splurge back when we got it for baby Mia. I can not tell you how many times I have thanked Nate for buying this chair. Not necessary but nice. So nice and cushy. 

We bought a brand new crib back in the day and I'm pretty sure if I had it to do over again. I'd be looking for a thrift-ed one. Ours has served us well and all that but we would not have needed to get a new one. 

Burt's Bees 
Love their baby lotion! 

 The Maxi Cosi Quinny Freestyle 4. 
I spent hours researching for the perfect stroller while pregnant with Mia. This might have been it, if we would have been driving a mini van at the time. It took up the whole trunk in the car and I  am thinking we had to pop the tires off  to get it in? Nice. Nate was not a fan. I loved it in Grenada as you can see. Mia looks a pit peeved to be demoted to the basket.

These days I'm pining for a Phil and Ted's. I think if you are looking for a stroller and hope to have children closer than 5 years apart you will want a Phil and Ted's. 
I'd say get all used furniture for the nursery if you must and splurge on this stroller. It folds up nice. Wheels pop off in case you are still driving around in a two door car! 
Mini vans are great.
 I hear full size vans are too.

  Ergo baby carrier. 
You know, I since I'm talking all my favorite baby gear that I'm such a sucker for... I should mention the Ergo baby carrier. I had this for baby Ellie and it was perfect for our lifestyle in Grenada. Lots of hiking and walking etc. I never used it for Stuart and saw that it found a new home after realizing I didn't use it here. I guess we need to go on more hikes. All this to say the Ergo is known to be one of the most comfortable baby carriers. Nate would tell you it was very warm as well. But carrying a baby is going to be warm.
And Nate is a Martin. ( he's hot)


  1. I enjoyed this post very much although I am out of baby-land now.
    I still use Burts Bees on my three year old, love the smell, I use it myself, too!
    And truly, zippers all the way down? MUST HAVE.

  2. Adorable baby girl! I have a phil & ted stroller that came from a thrift store in Nicaragua (stolen? maybe), but I do need to purchase the kit for a second to look into that.

  3. I love reading your blog. It's always so easy to read and fun. I get your stroler thing. We might need to start looking for the 2 seater type after a while. (No, I'm not preggo-ha) So, thanks for your recommendations :) And, I"m all about zipper sleepers/clothes WHATEVER! Snaps are can be so time consuming - esp with a 6 month old who does NOT want to stay still very long!

  4. looooove my phil and ted stroller. got it on ebay from someone in philly. even tho my kids are a little far apart, the dual seats have been used alot already. it works perfectly for my lifestyle. all i need yet is the adapter for a carseat.
    i am a sucker for good baby gear. I like those zippy thingys. i've never been a fan of the long nightgown type thing, w/ elastic at the bottom cuz baby would just kick and kick till she was pulling it off her shoulders. might have to give those a go w/ next bebe.
    And speaking of bebe, i have that original book, but not the second one, so it's worth a read then?

    1. You know, are these sleep bags new and it's the elastic things that I'm thinking of that were so weird to me? Not sure, anyhow... agreed. And the second Bebe book, it is really just the same info as the first book but without the story. Reads more like a guide to parenting.

  5. Your baby is gorgeous!!
    Also, your baby post kinda gives me the fever. :) I do so adore those heavenly newborns.
    The Phil & Teds stroller is the BEST ever. It costs so much money, but if it's possible to afford it, it's worth every penny. I cannot imagine doing without mine!
    I so enjoyed Bringing Up Bebe, but haven't read the second. Fascinating author, and I especially thought the concept of "the pause" so wonderful.

  6. The new header with all the snippets from your house and life is wonderful. I hope I can come inside at Christmas. So great to see old pictures of baby Ellie and to hear your book/baby gear recommendations. I bought Olive a thrifted sack sleeper, the kind with elastic, good thing I forgot to bring it along when I came to visit :) - Carla

    1. Well Carla, I might have loved it. Never used one. Just funny how I thought they were so weird with my first baby and now by the fourth I'm all about the ease of the night time diaper change.