Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Season

After a bronchitis for a week and and being grouchy for another week, Olive seems extra sweet. 

I was very fortunate to get to sit beside Stuart at the live nativity last night. 
The wonder of five year olds is tough to beat. 
"Are the angels real?"
They are real people dressed like angels.
 "Can they fly?"
Not tonight.
 "Do the soldiers kill people?" 
These soldiers don't.

This is going to sound strange but buying only one kind of wrapping paper this year has simplified my life. Do not laugh! It really has. 

Ellie's teacher gave the class these neat hats. Squeezing the one (what are they called?) ear flapper makes the cat's tail go up in the air. Hilarious. 

Feeling proud of Tristan and Dorcas. We miss having them around very much. 

 Ellie's first piano recital. Bless her heart, middle C was stuck. 

 When Ellie' got back to her friends they all high fived each other.

Off to the school program. 

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