Friday, February 20, 2015

Don't Steal the Joy

Picked up this t-shirt dress for Olive at a thrift store. 

Made me want to sew one like it. I don't particularly enjoy sewing knits or small things so.... I was really hoping it would fit over her head. 

Mia playing dress up with Olive. 

Nate's Mom dropped off fastnachts. As you can see I was feeling hopeful for some filling in the glazed line. 

We are slightly addicted to the Eagle Cam. 
I knew it was bad when I texted Nate an update one day. 

So many snow days. 

The youth group gave us some balloons so Nate was on Youtube making stuff for the kids. Fun.

Longing for Spring.

A post I loved by one of my favorite bloggers. Thoughts about Pinterest and the way we react to cute birthday parties and stuff. If you love to be creative and Pinteresty then go for it! and if you are not that type of person, or in that stage of life,  embrace that as well. 

Don't be haters. Don't steal the joy.  


  1. I read that post as well, and I loved it! Thanks for sharing the eagle cam! My children will want to see that :)