Thursday, March 5, 2015

In the Midst of Another Long Winter

Stuart and his dump truck

An organized closet shelf. This would mean so much more if I would have taken a before picture. Imagine horrors in this space. 

My midwife has been on me to keep track of how often the baby is kicking.  (my cord is 2 vessel instead of 3. While everything looks fine now it can cause lack of nourishment) I was wracking my brain to think of an efficient way to get this accomplished without drawing marks on my arm. Even that method would require a pen at all times.  Online I came across some kick counter bracelets. Super cheesy and shiny. My search for a counting bracelet led me to a "stroke counter" for golfers. Thus the happy note that came along.

Strawberry shortcake got us through a few winter blues. 

Hyper girls about to attend their first concert ever. Piano Guys. 

I was scared I would lose Ellie in the crowd and told Mia to hold her hand. Mia being the type that jumps up and down and flaps her arms around when she gets excited, forgot herself and squeezed Ellie's hand so hard that Ellie was crying. Nothing like a little drama while waiting in line. We were just glad to be inside unlike their father who was waiting outside after parking the van. 

Olive entertaining herself.


  1. Piano Guys! I would love to go one of their concerts sometime.

  2. Looks like you're coming up with ways to keep entertained while it's cold. I must of been 7 or 8 in Minnesota when it was 50 below zero one winter. Brr! I know yall can't wait for spring! Christina