Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Out and About

 Trip to the cabin and Penn's Cave.

This was before we got on the boat, so there was a mix of emotions going on here. Not to mention the moms who were nervous about the babies on the boat. 

Oldest and youngest. For now. 

 This past Thursday we took the preschoolers to the 100 Year Anniversary at Kauffman's Fruit Farm. 
I'd tell you to go but I guess you will have to wait another 100 years? 
It was great.

You should have seen us at Kauffmans, we got there at like 9:15, we both thought the website said 9-8. Really, I wonder if they changed it that is how sure we were, but it now says 10-8. I guess we needed the extra time because... we went to the market which is like a little grocery store that carries all of their products and I told Nate this can't be right there needs to be an orchard, so we drove down the road and although we saw the orchard we did not see the sign for the farm so we went back to the market and I did see workers blowing up balloons in the back and we walked around in amazement that "this was it" Nate was all upset like, "I wondered when I read that webpage if they were not making a bigger deal out of nothing" and finally while I sat on a touristy bench to give Hank his bottle Nate asked an employee if there was an orchard tour? that is how we figured out we were at the wrong place. Over to the farm we went. 

 Tour of the orchard.

 Saturday we went swimming
If you love sand and water you know the satisfying feeling of hours spent this way. 

Henry was a champ. 

 The children had their cousin's and we had their parents. It was a good day.

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