Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bedtime Stories with Grandpa Sam

Sock Monkey/Best Friend, originally uploaded by LydiaJo.

Nate's Dad, Sam, he works for a truck service place. They go out with wrecker trucks to help tractor trailers in dire situations. Sam can often be found at the shop working on reefers. You should see my father in law's hands they are rough and tough. Picture leather really. He has been known to smash baked potatoes open with his hand. That has nothing to do with my story.
So one dark night there was a bad accident and a trailor full of mayonise was burning. There was mayonaise jars laying all over the median strip and this fateful night Sam got called out to help. I imagine it smelled awful, burning mayo?
So Sam is out there slopping around in hot mayo. He was waving the wrecker on back, directing it with his big, tough hands when the back tire of the wrecker drove over a unbroken bottle of mayo which was lined up just right with Sam... spewing warm mayo, greasy, slick, and white all over his face, glasses, and the front of his shirt.
Now, if you know him, picture him saying...

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