Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This has got to be the longest winter of my life. I keep thinking spring is right around the corner. Why buy more winter clothing it is almost summer kind of thinking. So not how it really is.

I find myself way too tempted to stay at home. Too much work to go away.

I painted today and that makes any day a good day. I've been itching to paint something w/ people/figures. Done. was fun and it makes me want to do more. I wish I made myself paint every day.

Some day. Some time in my life I will spend more time painting.

So many ambitions.

Oh and something else that's been on my mind. Materialism. Living in Grenada man we simply did not need much. There just was not the option to buy. No money, no shopping.
But now, now I have a list of top ten things I want to buy and as things drop off that list (faster than I could imagine) more keep getting added. There is always something else I want. May it be as boring as a humidifier. I don't really "want" a humidifier. But I do know that our skin really could use one. It's just another thing on my list.

And there is the funniest Father In Law Story. I call it the "Hot Mayonaise" Story. Cracks me up but I think it helps to know my FIL. Coming soon.
Lydia Jo

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  1. way to leave me hanging there at the end. cool blog ... now for sure i'll be back for da story