Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Things That Happen To Me

I went to the bank to deposit some checks the other day.  Banker Lady (teller) sighed deeply and told me she can't cash the one it was dated for a day or two later, "You'll have to bring this one back on Monday"  I was so surprised.  We'd had it for a while.  Seriously I make my trips to the bank count and was not into coming back.  Monday has come and gone and I didn't go back yet.  So I got home and was telling Nate, "You know that check from the renter that we waited forever to get? It is dated for the seventh. So we were all aghast about this and then Nate said, "Are you sure it wasn't May 7th?" Sure enough.  Banker Lady so missed that! Well, so did I.
I baked two lemon cream pies last week.  Um... I put whole eggs in instead of just the yolks.  This was very sad.
Of course it had to be the day after the pies that I made an entire gallon of yogurt and something went wrong there. Wrong, wrong, wrong. It looks curdled.  So that was very sad.  I'll tell you what I think I did wrong.  It had not cooled to quite 110 degrees. I fudged it by like 5 degrees and then.... then I put the too warm yogurt stuff into an oven that was all ready warm from me baking granola.  So I think it got too much heat. I think. Who knows.  The granola sure is missing the yogurt though.


  1. I was just about to step out on a limb and try that yogurt recipe. Now I am not sure.
    If I make the yogurt and it "gets", then I need to make granola. It's a vicious cycle.
    Hate to laugh at your bank ordeal, but it is funny.(= he.he.

  2. my yogurt today was a terrible flop. I bought something that looked like yogurt but must not be. It don't actually say yogurt on it. Anyways, I'm pretty annoyed about this right now.

  3. Becky I am sorry your yogurt flopped too! But I admit I was glad it was yours and not Christine's as she has not tried it yet!

  4. Just reporting that my yogurt turned out more wonderful than I ever imagined and that within 48 hours I realized that the 2 cups I needed to make another batch were gone too. (= My children refused to eat yogurt before and now they cant get enough. Thanks for changing my life in this creamy way!Christine

  5. Hey. I think I'd like to have the yogurt recipe. A little worried though, with all these flopping stories. I'm not good with things that have to be so exact. I totally fudge whenever possible.

  6. Ingredients:
    1 gallon milk (preferably raw)
    2 cups plain yogurt ( I usually use up whatever I have left from my last batch and 1 cup of new)
    1 can sweetened condensed milk.

    With this option, the c. milk lends the sweetness, and bring a creamy pudding texture to the yogurt. The original recipe calls for two cans, but I didn't like how sweet it became with two, so I cut back to one.
    You can also cut the recipe in half and do just two quarts of milk if you don't want a gallon of yogurt in your fridge.

    Bring the milk to 180 degrees. Then let it cool back down to 110. Stir in yogurt and condensed milk. Pour into desired container. I use 4 wide mouth jars for easy storage in the fridge. Plus I love how down home and organic it looks in Ball jars (from Thelma)

  7. Hi,
    I have made yogurt all different ways including the crock pot method, the oven method, the cooler method...... and by far the best and easiest is to use my newly acquired Waring Pro Yogurt Maker - it thermostatically controls the temperature - the only one on the market that way. I use a cup of dry, powdered milk for each quart of liquid milk and also add a tablespoon of a 50 - 50 combination of Splenda and sugar (for the bacteria) per quart and a pinch of salt for the batch.

    I got the Waring a couple of months ago and have made over 50 gallons of yogurt with it with no failures... so you might think of investing in a yogurt maker if it can prevent failures as it has for me.

    I also use wide mouth (Mason) quart jars and am able to get 4 of them in the yogurt maker. But I have to throw a towel over the top so that the gap between the top and the bottom of the yogurt maker is covered up. So far, a combination of Activia and Bulgarian cultures has resulted in the tastiest and best yogurt and it firms up in less than 2 hours. The benefit of fast incubation times is that the yogurt doesn't get as tart as it does when it goes for 8 hours or longer.

    And we are so happy with our yogurt that we have started a website: http://mryogurt.info/