Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Workin On Willow St

The kitchen is almost back together.  I spend more time there than Nate does so when he is present there are a hundred things for him to do.  I am better at taking things apart than putting them back together. 
Lots of primer.  Primer on the walls, primer on my hands. Tough to get rid of.

Any comments on master bedrooms that are attached to the main bathroom?  And yet the smallest bedroom in the house? We really were back and forth about whether or not to use it as our bedroom.  Bugs me that our furniture will not all fit in there. My question is... is it annoying to have guests leave and find your door to the bathroom locked?  Because I am always sure to lock that door when I'm at someone else house.  Kind of hate a bathroom with two doors like that. Anyhow... that room is about ready to go and since I made it gray yesterday I guess it's ours.  We figure someday we'll knock out some more walls and make it a big master bedroom with the sewing room included.  Someday when the kids sleep in the basement.

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