Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Boring Post About How Ill We Are

Unless Mia comes home ill, she is the only one running on 100% right now. This makes Mia seem out of control.  Nate agreed with me on this.  Last night we had to do a family project for her school, decorate a paper turkey.  In my head I pictured it turning out really cute with pipe cleaners and pom poms.  I thought I could really get arty and use some Halloween cup cake liners.  Mia seemed proud of her turkey as she left for school today, she said that her teacher will tell her it is "Fabulous".  But her Mom knows.  It was not.
Ellie started with the fever thing first and she is actually more dear than usual when she's sick.  She telling me stories right now.  She showed me a toy pistol at the cabin last weekend and said, "Mom, this is a boomer, if I push the button really hard with my finger, it will go Boom" She's a crazy one.  Her eyes are all watery and till evening they can barely stay open they are so swollen. 
Stuart is hard to pick up when he's ill, he does not help and it feels like if I would not be gentle his arms might come right out of their sockets.

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