Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Life Here

Stuart is playing with a balloon and I'm so scared it has got to be close to popping. 
He found the powdered sugar in the pantry today.  Took it with him to a corner in the laundry and when I found him, he was so happy with himself and his sugar rush. 
We went to the Myerstown Parade last weekend.  It was so cold.  The kids got an insane amount of candy.  
Yesterday Nate and I helped my Mom set up for the Harrisburg Christmas Show.  So it was a year ago that the girls got lost there while looking for Santa. 
To all of the painters that used to help set up the show, I missed you!
15 day countdown until Mr and Mrs Mapson arrive from Grenada! They say that they are excited to feel cool weather. Meanwhile we long for the tropics. 
Stuart is walking.
He's gets into more trouble. Why? 
Had fun decorating for Christmas this year.  Last year we didn't do much. Stuart was our decoration last year.

This chair is still making me smile... My latest customers surprised me with it as a gift.  So sweet.

This has nothing to do with anything.

Grouchy Boy, Happy Girl.

Almost time for lunch.

Way too cold at the Myerstown Holiday Parade.


  1. Seriously Jo, You have such a beautiful house! I sadly, still have my pumpkins sitting out... :(
    I wanted to come to the parade so badly... so sad to miss that. a.j. would have loved it. d

  2. the show....I almost forgot thats what happens this time of the year. Would be so fun to lug crates around again....(=
    Your house is lovely. I really could be comfortable drinking a cup of coffee on that new chair,I am sure.

  3. Fun, fun post! Happy Holidays:) Denise