Friday, July 1, 2011


Really I don't care if you call me Jo or Lydia Jo or Lydia. 
And I don't care which door you come in at my house.  That is if I know you are coming.  If you come in the garage door and scare me in my kitchen I will jump and scream.  I always do.
And I don't mind if you boss my children around. I'll take all the help I can get. ha ha. 

 First painting I did since like 2009.  Shame. Felt so so rusty. It's all palate knife.  I had to buy a lot of paint to even do this painting.  This means I should use the paint up before it turns into a hard lump of junk. I do not like old paint. I started it at Julia Swartz' Studio in Lanc. She is just one of my favorite artists.

Here she is. Julia the artist


  1. I love that picture at the top! Becky

  2. you make me wish I knew how to paint.

  3. Your cherry tomatoes look yummy. Can't wait for mine to ripen. They may not if A.J. keeps picking all the green ones. :(

    Sometimes i think Tris should have married an artist so she could paint with you. :) Very nice!

  4. If only I had fresh basil to go with the tomatoes Dorcas! I never wished that you know how to paint but I do hope that if you ever want to you will ask.

  5. dorcas can paint and does lovely work, and has a great eye for arty things!