Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Where the Born Loser Kicks In

Do you read the Born Loser Comics? 

I've had a few moments this past weekend.  First one was Friday night at the ballgame.  Nate won at least.  But I sat in some gum.  A big hunk of sticky gum.  It was not coming off either.  I used an ice cube at the game and it did very little.  Next I tried the freezer trick.  Not much better.  Peanut butter, however, did the trick.
I guess the gum sticks to the peanut butter instead of the material? 

Next up... Nate, Dorcas, and I shot a wedding on Saturday and we came home pretty shot ourselves.  I ventured out to the garden to pick some flowers and was surprised to see a big old horse standing there where my corn used to be.  So the horse ate our corn.  Lovely. 
The fence was down and we did not notice, is why the horse got in.  

Mosquito got her eye. 

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  1. Love those comics! Poor Ellie is cuter than ever with the shut eye. - Carla