Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Few Pictures that I've Taken

A fall wedding coming up! 
Congrats to Sonya and Darren. 

Liking this picture makes me feel like Pioneer Woman.

Fun times at the cabin with the youth group. I did not stand still enough to take pictures. There was no time! Always food to make.

 I took all these pictures at one shot. So it's not like they sat around the entire time. 
Although, it was very cold outside for April. We saw lots of flurries. 
Our youth just bless my heart. They are so much fun to hang out with, I could not ask for better times. I've also been meaning to write letters to my youth leaders. I took them for granted. Do I remember them cooking for me at the cabin? No. But they were there and they did. 

Nate cooked when we got home. I was beat from all the cooking. And, the sleeping was rough, those teenagers are noisy! I struggle with insomnia, especially bad when I am pregnant. That and my iron is low so I am tired all the time. Yawn.

 Got to go with Nate to work one day last week. Stopped at Cabala's to shop for a youth leader sized ice chest. 
"Have you seen Nathan's chest?" Sam my father in law asked me that one day. We had not been dating very long at all. They had just bought Nate a cedar chest for his birthday. I was stumped for a while. But no, I had not seen it.

Tough to get enough of the blooms.

Working at the girls bedroom in the basement. Pant color was inspiration for walls. 
Looks so much like my upstairs only mintier. 
 Field trip to McDonald's. 
The lady that gave the tour asked the girls if they wanted to grow up and work at McDonald's. The manager muttered, "They will all work on farms" 

 Nate is dreaming of building a shed. So we are shed gazing as we drive around. 

 Youth group doing yard work. It blessed my heart to look outside and see them doing Mr. Houer's flower beds, washing his windows. It was such a perfect Saturday for the job.

 Nate was telling the children the story of Daniel Joseph getting sold by his brothers. I thought Ellie was going to cry. She and Stuart are nervously picking at their toes. 

 April 2013 Ellie loses her first tooth.  We went to a wedding that day and she was showing everyone her gaping hole. 

Cinnamon rolls for the breakfast buffet at school.


  1. Laughing as I think of Sam asking if you saw Nate's chest! Tom will roar with laughter. Loved seeing pics of your life. How's the pregnancy? -Cheryl

  2. Hi Jo, was it Daniels brothers or Josephs brothers? HAHA! Love your post! Aunt Rhoda in Ga

    1. Oh dear, thank you Aunt Rhoda in GA.

  3. We would love to have Nate come and teach our childrens clubs. looks like he has their attention. would be nice to have children picking their toes in class instead of their seat mates.(= Could you bring some cinnamon buns with you? Christine

  4. Think I had your cinnamon buns at the breakfast. Is it caramel icing? They were to die for :) Jolene

    1. Well if they were to die for they were probably Dorothy's. Anyhow... this is the recipe I use every time and there is coffee in the icing. They have never left me down.

  5. Like your pictures. I had to smile about you shed gazing. We are doing the exact same thing as we're driving around right now. If only money grew on trees though!-Deann

  6. I had no idea you made all those cinnamon rolls. Whew! They do look delicious. That picture of Ellie and Stuart listening to the story is priceless, as is Dad's comment about Nate's chest. - Carla