Monday, May 6, 2013

Grandpa's Sale

                                  Sammy Lapp                                                 Great Uncle Aaron

I grew up with Sammy Lapp as a real threat. If something went missing in the house.... "Did Sammy Lapp take it?" of if the music was cranked too loud, "Sammy Lapp can hear the music"  etc.

 Getting this old relic started was a highlight.

 Everyone being amazed as Uncle Lee started the D7. 

Steam Engine being auctioned off.

Lots of trinkets to sell.

Colleen and her children


Selling Grandpa's guns.

Patrick's children

Jeremy's daughter.

25quart ice cream maker

Dain has had a long day. A long two days. We were all beat by this point.

Step Grandma, Grandpa, Elam, and Ruth longtime family friends and neighbors who moved to another county... Perry?
Mosey Lapp loads his wagon with treasures. I spy an exercise bike that went cheap.

Moving the safe out.                                                                           

Sale is over.

The guy that bought most of the scrap medal. Full of stories.
Showing us a piece of wood that comes out of Abraham Lincoln's butcher shop? Who knew.

 Great Aunt Grace Etta makes it to the auction.

 Grandpa and Uncle Leon the day before the sale.

 Grandpa and his daughters

 Interesting piece. I grew up seeing all this stuff in the shop.

 Grandma's Jelly cupboard. She used to pull some fun stuff out of here for her grandchildren.

 We call him Meow Meow. Grandpa calls him Kit Cat. They were very close at one time.

 Grandpa telling stories about the D7.

 The home farm in the distance.

Dad has many memories of filling up mini bike tires with this air tank.   

At the end of two long days.


  1. Thanks for posting the pictures Jo. I'm sorry I couldn't be there.

    Steve Zimmerman

    1. Missed you Steve. I bid you up on that eagle... nah just kidding.

  2. These are amazing! Love the one with grandpa and the cat!

    1. Sara! Wish I would have seen you last weekend. Did Krista or your Mom get anything for you?

  3. That picture of Patrick's children- what a stunning shot! And Ellie, dirty, with a pen clipped on her dress- so beatiful! Your header is lovely too, I want a canvas of it to hang up every spring. - Carla