Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Stuff I've Been Thinking About (notes I've been keeping for myself)

From Frank Reed's message on Sunday,
"Definition of Love – Having someone else's best interest in mind."

What a good way to describe love for other people. 

Excerpts from a Paul Washer Sermon. "The Shocking Youth Message"

The person who loves you the most will be the person who tells you the most truth.
One of the greatest distinguishing marks of a false prophet is that he will always tell you what you want to hear. He will never rain on your parade.He will get you clapping he will get you jumping, he will make you dizzy, he will keep you entertained, and he will present a Christianity, to you,  that will make your church look like a 6 flags over Jesus. And keep you so entertained that you are never addressed with great issues such as these. Is God working in my life, am I growing in holiness, have I truly been born again?

If it does not last it was not a "Great Move of God" it was emotion. 

 We talk so much about being radical Christians, Radical Christians are not people who jump at concerts. Radical Christians are not people who wear Christian T shirts. Radical Christians are those who wear the fruit of the holy spirit. Radical Christians are those who reverence and honor their parents. Even when they feel like their parents are wrong. Radical Christians are those who do not (now listen to me, this is going to make you mad) who do, and I"m talking to boys and girls, Radial Christians are those who do not dress sensually in order to show off their bodies. If your clothing is a frame for your face, God is pleased.  If your clothing is a frame for your body it is sensual, and God hates what you're doing. 

and my very favorite part at 50:30

Oh that God would raise up missionaries! I don't wish the same things your parents would want for you. They want for you security and insurance, and nice homes. They want for you cars and respect. I want for you the same thing I want for my son, that one day he takes a banner, the banner of Jesus Christ, and he places it on a hill. Where no one has ever placed a banner before, and he cries out, "Jesus Christ is Lord!" even if it costs my son his life. Oh but he's 18 years old, if he says the same thing that I said when I was a young man. "I'm going into the mountains, I'm going into the jungle, and they say... "you can't go there, your insane, it's a war you are going to die" I'm going! When that little boy puts on his backpack, I'm going to pray over him and say, "Go! Go! God be with you. And if you die my son, I'll see you over there, and I'll honor your death" 

The custodian and Nate catch a snooze during our last wedding shoot. How I was wishing Nate had his glasses on. A cardigan would be sweet as well.
Is Nate going to drop my new camera? I had my eye on it, I was ready to pounce.


  1. So inspiring to me on a rainy day. This is what I want for my children as well. I need to keep that long quote in front of me for days.

    I had to go back and look again at the pipe wrench picture from the sale. What a stunning combo of form and color!

  2. oh wow, i loved that last picture and your comments with it. :)
    beautiful shots as always....
    and i agree, galen and i have watched that exact sermon by paul washer many times- gets us every time. POWERFUL.