Thursday, November 14, 2013

Naming Baby Olive

When it came to naming baby dear, I broke one of my self imposed rules. Never tell people a name that you just love. You know, for fear of putting that awesome idea into someone else' head. So I was crushing on the name Olive and Nate was like no way. At one point I printed him a chart of how many ladies were named Olive in like the 1920-30's. He remained silent. So assuming it was out, I told many people, "Do you know what name I just love?" yeah... Imagine my surprise when Nate mentioned that he was starting to like that name. So in those last few weeks of waiting I had people texting me saying, "Oh I hope Olive shows up tonight" or, "I heard what your baby name is",  Most of them thinking it was a joke. The real kicker was when my Mom told me she heard what we are naming the baby. I did my best to not give it away.  Each time this happened I would tell Nate I am so sorry that I told people and then we would laugh and laugh about it.
She is being seriously good and we are just soaking up the baby days. All too soon it will be back to life as usual. 
About naming babies. I sure did love the site, Nameberry this time around.
And whatever you do, don't look at the cute clothes on J.Crew baby. It will break your heart.

Uncle Ted from Philly                           Aunt Carla all the way from Erie

I made these bars yesterday due to finally gathering enough of brown bananas in my freezer. I heard Stuart telling Ellie after school, "Mom smashed up rotten bananas and put them in the cake!" He was horrified. This is a recipe from pinterest that you would be happy if you made. 

One of my most favorite blog posts by the pioneer woman ever. She re-posted it today.
The donut story. 


  1. Love the naming story. For our last one, I told everyone I think it's gonna be a boy! They were all just waiting on this "boy" to come. Low and behold he was a she! Shocked us all. - We have the same girl, girl, boy, girl line up! :)

  2. That is so funny!! And yes, I do the same thing - never tell anyone my favorite names lest they get snatched away before my baby arrives. :) Great story! And beautiful little girl. I do like the name so much!

  3. Olive...what a beautiful name! I could go on for hours about my weird/strange/obsessive/compulsive habits when it comes to naming babise. Refusing to talk about names I love, perusing sites like Nameberry for HOURS and hours, systematically eliminating names that are too flowery, gender neutral, made-up-sounding, etc.etc. Like I said, I am O.C.D. about naming children.:) But you picked well! I would love to see your oil paintings. I am just getting into pencil sketching, and I love it! Blessings----

    P.S. Random connection....I know Ted! Not personally, but I went to IGo in 2007 and he went later with some of my friends.:) It's a small world!

  4. i love the nameberry site and the name olive as well. very you, i think. love the pictures, as always!
    ~have a beautiful weekend with your sweet littles.

  5. Hi there,
    I just wanted to say thanks for sharing our Banana Bread Bars recipe! :-) Found you through my feed after you posted the link and I'm glad you liked them! And Congratulations on your new baby girl- there's nothing better than a sweet little newborn!

    -Lauren Allen (