Saturday, November 23, 2013

Stuart and His Birthday

 Stuart and his 4th birthday.
This was the one for him, the first birthday that he got really excited about. Yet, he was sweet. When I teased him about his gift he was all amazed that we had one for him, and he gave me a hug and said, "Thanks Mom!" this was a few days before his birthday.

 Stuart has not stopped playing with the crane since it was unwrapped this morning. 

 The gummy bananas were cracking me up. 

Remind me next time,  it does not matter how ugly the cake is, it's going to be fine.

A cut out cake or whatever you call these, they can really stress me out. There were crumbs in the icing and I was being kind of "I don't care" about the cake that was showing through. See, I was trying to get by with the icing that I had on hand, did not want to mix up more. Anyhow, in the midst of making a cake like this I am always sure it will be the ugliest one ever and I pity the child. I feel like I'm wasting time and destroying the kitchen. Every time. Then it turns out... I don't notice the skippers in the icing and whatever else I think was bad.  And the children really don't notice. They just see candy.


  1. surely Stuart would never care about a less than perfect cake, but if you don't happen to know about crumb coating here's a little tip. cut your cakes out, freeze them, smear a little bit of frosting over them to seal in the crumbs, freeze again, then put the last of the frosting on. time consuming, but works, if you need it to look great.

  2. I thought he's close to Bella's age...just a month apart. I felt like that about both cakes I made recently. I think they feel like "Mommy loves me enough to make something I like" and aren't noticing the imperfections. :)

  3. Cute train cake for a cute birthday boy!

  4. 4 year olds are so much fun! I think our 2 would get along great.

  5. that cake is amazing!! super good job on it! and, also, i adore your sofa!!
    now, i'm going to scroll through more of your blog because i'm not sure i've been here to comment before!
    happy Sunday

  6. Cake is very nice! Thanks again for having the children. They loved it!