Tuesday, January 21, 2014

More Miscellaneous


 Without talking about it both Nate and I had seperately checked Hershey Chocolate Worlds hours Saturday morning. So we ended up there. I didn't realize Stuart would be so smitten. He was. 

 Oh Stuart

For my birthday I wanted new smoke detectors. Reliable ones. Nate mocks me because if we hear of someones house nearly burning down while no one was home... without fail Jo will gasp and say, "Did they have smoke detectors?" as if it would keep the house from burning down. So my wish was granted and we have "up to code" smoke detectors and thus I had to clean my oven. I love my oven and I'm scared to run the self clean because they say that every time you run it, it takes a year off of the oven's life. Hey, that's why appliance people tell you not to clean your oven the week of Thanksgiving. So, I'm sorry if I just ruined that for you.

Funny post by Sheila Petre a guest blogger on Home Joy's.
 A story like this can just make my day.

Also wanted to mention "Sold Out"
a DVD that you can pre-order right now. 4 Great messages by Rick Rhodes.
Nate and I attended this event live with our  youth group and it was so so good. 
Please buy the DVD and use it when you go to the cabin with your friends or for your small group or something.


  1. I knew there was a good reason as to why I never clean my oven. ;) besides the fact that i tend to clean more things that don't have a little door to close in front of the mess. thanks for clearing that up for me!

  2. Okay, I feel a kinship with you over the smoke detectors. Steve laughs every time I obsess over them, but they could be the difference between LIFE or DEATH!!! Seriously! {said very dramatically}

    The story you linked to actually made me laugh out loud, and not too many things I read can do that.

    1. Thank you! Feeling so much better knowing I am not alone. Somewhere in life I got it ingrained that smoke detectors are very important. And they are! I had to read about the international potluck again and it is still cracking me up.